Employment law Liability law Family law

Catharina Kat has been a solicitor for more than 20 years. She has had her own practice since 1999. She specialized in employment law, but is also experienced in liability law and family law.

Employment law

Catharina knows employment law through and through and from all sides. She advises national and international employers, but also employees and the self employed seek out her assistance. Thus she also advises CEO’s, directors, managers, expats, artists, medical specialists and other professionals.

The services offered to employers fall under housing cooperations, ICT, production companies, education and youth care and consist of giving advice and to commence or prevent legal proceedings on:

  • (collective) labour conditions
  • staffing policy
  • privacy (internet / social media)
  • legal obligations towards employees which are ill
  • internal complaint procedures
  • flexible working practices
  • national and international secondment
  • in – and outsourcing
  • transfer of business
  • reorganisation / social plan
  • collective and individual dismissal law
  • Collective Labour Agreements (CAO)
  • employee representation issues
  • pension issues

The legal assistance given to employees, the self employed and other professionals concerns most of the time:

  • giving advice on possible cooperation – and other kind of agreements
  • to assess the content of a specific agreement (non competition -, termination – and compensation clauses / international assignments)
  • to solve cooperation problems
  • to protest against a performance review and a likely transfer into another position
  • giving advice on the rights and possibilities in case of illness and re-integration
  • to prevent a likely dismissal or termination and to protest against a given dimissal
  • to negotiate a good and proper termination agreement
  • to realise a good compensation
  • questions and cases on discrimination

Liability law

Who is responsible when things went wrong? Who can be held responsible for paying damages? Liability cases turn on one party holding the other party responsible for damages. For example, for damages through work related illness or a work related accident. Or as the result of a traffic accident or other causes of injuries. Liability also plays a role in other sectors, for example when delivery targets have not been met, or when contractual agreements are broken. Catharina Kat has a great deal of experience with such cases.

Family law

Divorce brings with it many practical problems. When parties, married or living together, decide to separate many things must be arranged. What happens with the family home? Who is allowed to stay and pays the mortgage until the divorce is finalized? What about the valuation of shares, properties and pensions? What is the content of the prenuptial agreement, if there is one?  Divorce can also have consequences for the future of a business. On all these questions Catlaw can advise you.  Also over partner alimony, and  the care, upbringing and the costs of children. Catlaw settles these problems without loosing sight of the emotions of the divorcing parties, preferably by mutual agreement but if necessary incisively in a court procedure. Minimizing the damage, both financial and emotional, is for Catharina Kat her most important task in family cases.